About Us

Who We Are

We are professional educators who have found that discovery-type learning is the best way to engage 21st century students. Modern-day students deserve more than lectures, assignments, and tests – they want to participate in Smart Education courses that provide collaborative, creative, challenging online and blended learning.

What We Do

We work together to create engaging stories that embrace the discovery learning process for all ages: K-12, college level, employed, and retired – everyone who is interested in continuous improvement through life-long learning.

Our Values

We value honest communications, true principles, best practices, and thoughtful questions that promote continuous improvement.

Principles We Espouse

We respect the agency of each child to make choices; we celebrate the unique talents and gifts of each child; we go beyond (limiting) core subjects by providing individualized learning opportunities for each person; we encourage learners to develop and use their creative abilities; we help students (and parents) to learn from their mistakes, not punish them for trying; we promote the need for life-long learning and continuous improvement; we facilitate collaboration and teamwork rather than competition; we prefer interaction with real people and real things over virtual reality; we promote the “attitude of gratitude,” humility and service; we use stories to engage student teams in addressing real-world needs and challenges; and we help students learn to communicate, collaborate, and celebrate their gains; we assess and certify learner skill acquisition; and we encourage students to experience the joy that comes from serving the less fortunate.

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