Members and Volunteers

Annual Membership

Membership fee for course developers is 20% of the proceeds from pay-per-view courses. This fee includes help in course creation as well as distribution and course registration.  For teachers who want to create FREE courses to address the needs of orphans and widows, the Association is soliciting contributions from donors to fund and participate in the course development process if they wish.


You will join a growing number of teachers, administrators, authors, and others who are want to replace traditional lectures, assignments, and tests with challenging – yet fun – discovery learning opportunities.  

Members will receive a Course Developer’s Toolkit and a personal volunteer mentor (described below). Through this help, members will create engaging stories which will help students to use their agency, talents, and creative abilities to successfully address real-world needs and challenges while developing resiliency.

Our Goal is to help you become a published author of engaging online courses!

We hope, through your positive experiences, you will be inspired to facilitate and mentor others in the creative building of online and blended learning courses.

Volunteer Mentor

Volunteers will receive training, a roadmap, milestone chart, and flow diagram to help their assigned course author focus their efforts.  Volunteers will assist course authors with scheduling and monitoring of their progress and suggest resources as necessary.

Resources provided to volunteer mentors by Discovery Learning will help:

  • Prepare the course description
  • Define learning objectives of the course
  • Describe characters and setting
  • Develop storyline by helping create a plot, conflict, theme, point of view, and narrative
  • Create graphics
  • Create a professional narration for their first video-trailer – within the first month

Mentors may also elect to serve as volunteer testers to benefit from free access to any of the online courses.

Volunteer Course Testers

Volunteers will recieve training on providing a course evaluation (through a form and checklists). For the trailers and online courses, volunteer Testers will be looking for:

  • How well questions are formulated
  • How much interest is created
  • Whether the learning objectives are achieved

Volunteer testers will provide positive feedback and offer suggestions.

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