Tools and Resources

Course Developer’s Toolkit

This toolkit provides helpful tools to help the author focus the course on real-world needs while finding personal fulfillment. It will provide the following:

  • Online reading materials: Taxonomy of Human Needs, the Catalog of Smart Education Courses, and the Compendium of Correct Principles.
  • Use of the Story Plot Structure and Storyboard templates to ensure that stories incorporate essential elements
  • The Taxonomy of CliftonStrengths to aid in strengthing cooperation and teamwork among mentors and volunteers as well as help you use your strengths to learn, unlearn, and relearn
  • Linkages to Story Visualization Tools — and to the Dawn LMS for delivering personalized learning to students anywhere, anytime and on any device.

Personal Mentor

New members will receive a mentor who will guide them through the process of developing engaging video trailers to advertise their course and then to develop their online course to become a Smart Education – discovery-type learning course.


The Association is committed to providing quality assistance to our course authors by suggesting freelancers on an as-needed basis.  Volunteer mentors will learn to identify potential freelancer resources.

Webinars & Blogs

The Association will seek to identify and provide instruction to help to members, volunteers, and sponsors create and promote discovery-learning on a global basis.  Periodic Zoom webinars and blogs will provide additional tools, examples, and helpful information to enhance member abilities for continuous learning and improvement.

Annual Meeting

The annual meeting of the Discovery-Learning Association will provide a helpful way for members to connect and collaborate. Members will have an opportunity to share their successes and challenges in promoting discovery-type learning. Invited guest presenters will share their experiences and insights. Representatives from Dawn Academy will share latest developments as well as opportunities for sharing online and blended learning courses on a worldwide basis.

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